Setting date & time on digital camera after screen failure

So my camera had an unfortunate incident with some ocean water which ruined the LCD screen. The camera is still working fine and taking pictures as good as ever, except I can't change any of the settings unless I have the sequence memorized. When I dried out the camera I removed all the batteries, including the clock battery. Bad move, now all my pictures are showing up as being taken in 1979... so not in order.

Add interactive messaging to your site

A colleague of mine found some javascript and php to add faceboook style chats to any website. I'm currently not interested in the messaging portion but would like an easy way polling of updates to a website. I think a bit of testing around with this code and one could create dynamically updating without hitting the refresh button.

Updating Web software: the forgotten upgrade

Today I spent several hours updating all the drupal installs on my system. Luckily they are all hosted from one drupal install, however updating each database separately is quite annoying and I can see why these things are often left unattended.

Backup Systems

It seems as if every small to medium company I encounter relies on some form of automated backups. I'm not sure how many horror stories in the media are necessary to convince people that the only workable backup solution is an automated one. Not only that, but I would say an internal and external (off site) backups would be ideal.

Server Switch

In an attempt to drive down costs and maximize profits I recently purchased (well started renting) a third server. Right now I'm paying for 3 servers, but will replace the first two servers, my web and mail servers. They will be decommissioned soon and I'll only have one server running.

Virtualization Systems

I have played around with vmware as a virtualization service both on my desktop and laptop and have recommended it to others to use on their systems. I still think its a great piece of software and I'm sure that if one wanted to get their enterprise solutions there would be a real reason to use vmware. However, today I quickly and easily setup Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) for linux which will offer some speed increases and some nice tools to manage the new virtual machines running on my new server.

2 Years of Uptime

So my decision to chroot my important processes on both of my servers has paid of with some great uninterrupted uptime. I just celebrated my 700th day of uptime. The services have all been restarted many times but the underlying system never was rebooted.

Learning jQuery and More

In the spirit of continuing education I am learning a new JQuery so that I can quickly improve the functionality of web pages without too much effort. In the past I wrote my own JavaScript and will continue to do so, but its also important to know what you are good at and when you should reuse something someone else already wrote.

Re-Created Website

In an attempt to move to drupal 6 I made a few silly mistakes and decided at that point that I might as well just recreate the entire content so that it was more up to date. Since I created the original I learned the ins and outs of drupal so I had a new perspective on how certain pages should be done. Now I am happy with all my content types and my views running on drupal 6.