Wall Street Journal Japan

I was hired in October 2009 to work on the launch of the new Wall Street Journal Japan website, to be launched in December. I worked on many issues of the site including the pay firewall, coupons, stocks, payment system and many other parts of the site. Over the next year I expanded the feature set of the site and also developed an API set for an iPhone/iPad application launched in September 2010. Working on this project has been very difficult at times dealing with the scope of code and still maintaining a scalable website, which could at times get overwhelmed with traffic.

Andrew Fair Law

Andrew Fair Law helps their Clients with immigration into the USA. For them I host e-mail and website as well as doing remote administration of a mixed Windows and Mac environment. Currently a new version of their website is under development.

Platypus Media

Platypus Media is a publisher of children's educational material in Washington DC. For them I redesigned their website and moved them to the Drupal Content Management System. Now instead of updating two separate systems, one manually and the other through a web interface, they can now just update one system and have the changes be reflected everywhere.

Association of Corporate Counsel

Working as an Independent Contractor I developed several portions of their website, mostly backend work to allow employees to enter information and organize their website more efficiently. The ACC has been my biggest client over the past few years.

GLL Partners

GLL has been a long time client of my services included several iterations of websites as well as doing general IT counseling. Specifically I have introduced automatic backups to several remote and local sites as well as starting a program to help locate lost/stolen laptops. Besides forming strategies to ensure that their data is safe, I have helped with General IT from troubleshooting to syncing group calendars over various platforms.

Century 21 Realty McCoy

Century 21 is a real estate agency in Essex and Union county in Northern New Jersey. For them I created a dynamic website to allow realtors to add their own listings to the site. It also included an open house calendar and a mortgage calculator.

On the IT side, I installed a Linux server to act as a Windows Domain server and connected up to 15 Windows XP Pro clients with roaming profiles. Through open source software I also can fix problems remotely.