Spam and Work at home fraud pages now using GeoLocating in their text

I don't usually click on Spams in my email, but this one was sent by a Vietnamese sounding name to my inbox. Living in Ho Chi Minh City, I figured it "could" be real, and since I'm running linux I thought, what the hell, if it tries to download malware in .exe format or .dmg I'll be fine.

The first sentence of the news article was "Amy Livingston of Ho Chi Minh City, never though she would consider it ...". I thought this was weird. There can't be that many Amy Livingtsons working in Ho Chi Minh City. This got me thinking immediately that maybe they are Geolocating IPs on spam pages to make it seem like Local people in YOUR TOWN are making thousands a month from working at home.

Being a software developer, I quickly turned on a ssh proxy in the US to one of my development machines, then reloaded. Sure enough, Amy Livingston was now of Absecon, NJ.

I'm not sure if this is a common practice, but it definitely adds a layer of complexity to try and get people to be comfortable with these frauds, as if someone in MY TOWN could make money at home, so could I.

Be careful, and when in doubt, always have an SSH proxy available :)