You can download my Resumé and print it out or read over the information contained on this page to see what technologies and services I use. This page is an overview of what technologies I use regularly as well as goes into depth about me as a person. For more information about specific jobs I have done click on the following Portfolio and Clients links.

Primary Technologies

  • Languages: PHP, Python, C#, Java, C & C++
  • Databases: mySQL, Postgres, Sqlite, Access
  • Servers: Apache Web Server, Postfix Email Server(Zimbra and standalone), BIND DNS, mySQL, Samba and Windows Domain Server

Skills & Attributes

  • Self-motivated, require little supervision
  • Fast learner of new technologies
  • Held numerous leadership positions

I have been working as an independent consultant/contractor since I was a junior in high school. By the time college had started I had two main clients, paying me on retainer for my services. Throughout college I expanded the number of clients I have had for whom I do steady work, and had several clients that paid me solely for one specific project.

Most of my work has been in creating company websites for clients, with a few requiring backend web based applications for their businesses. There are few IT/Website related projects which would be over my head and I always like a challenge.

I spend my free time often working on personal projects such as a Personal Video Recorder (similar to a Tivo) which I built before coming to college and has since become a full fledged media server as well as other programming projects. I believe that only by learning and experimenting with new technologies and ways of thinking will one advance in any field.