Fedex Shipping Module for Drupal 5 Ecommerce

WBDMS: A Web Based Database Management System

This was my award winning senior design project for the George Washington University Computer Science Department. The project allows users to manage databases and tables through a web based user interface. This way privileged users can add columns and tables to manage their data more effectively. It also gives users an interface to create and save queries for themselves and others to use. It is still a work in progress as it isn't feature complete or close to bug free. Given some time or money, I would restructure a lot of the code and move more of the user design into javascript.

Webspot: F-Spot Plugin

This is my first foray into C# programming and I am using many of the F-Spot APIs to get data from the database. I'm also attempting to draw the entire user interface with javascript. Right now its in early early alpha, in that you can select tags and see all the pictures in it. I am just writing it for fun and using it as a way to improve my programming skill with other languages besides PHP which I have been using for the last 5-6 years for every web page project I did. I usually code on it only when I'm traveling so development is a bit slow right now.